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Metis Red River Cart

Values & Experience


Past, Present & Future

The Metis Red River Cart holds significant importance to me. Being a descendant of the Metis these vehicles have a connection to my past, the present, and my future.

The Past

The Metis peoples used this type of cart to travel across the country in search of a new or possibly better way of life.

Metis Red River Cart: Features

The Present

During this build I felt that there was a connection to my past. Not only from my woodworking background but, with thoughts of how my ancestors would have approached and overcome the hurdles of day to day life and just how arduous a journey of this fashion must have been.

The Future

In our very near future, I am endeavoring to do a similar venture. As we plan to move to the east coast and build our new homestead, I feel in some ways much like my ancestors. Not knowing how things will turn out and what hurdles await us on our journey.

2a - red river cart.jpg

Royal Alberta Museum

This is the completed Red River Cart in its new home.

Metis Red River Cart: Features
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